Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A new character to come for Grand Chase PH

I'm suffering from the damned cold & cough right now, and my throat's starting to kill me... T_T

But still, it doesn't stop me from posting what's new in the online gaming scene... ^^

Since all of Grand Chase players in the Philippines (including my younger bro) are anticipating for a new character to arrive after the extended server maintenance tomorrow (it was rescheduled due to the national holiday today), I decided to post about the new character. Yep, I'm talking about Mari the Ether Tech (Rune Caster in other versions).

Here's a little info about Mari (taken from the official news statement at the Grand Chase PH website):

Cownat was once a great and industrious kingdom, known for its advanced technology. No one knows what happened all those years ago, but what they do know is that a great cataclysm destroyed Cownat, leaving the kingdom in ruins, its people lost to memory.

Until now.

A survivor emerged from the depths of history, with no memory of how she got here or what happened to her home. A bit shy at first, she slowly warmed to her surroundings and became curious about the people of this age, about the technology, about magic, about…well, everything!

And so, to satisfy her curiosity, she agreed to join the Grand Chase in search of adventure and new things to discover. Her name is Mari, and she is the one and only Ether Tech!

As an Ether Tech, Mari uses gadgets and machines to turn the tide of battle. She can summon machines like turrets to attack her enemies, put up mana shields to protect her and her teammates, and use a jetpack to get to safety. Mari may seem shy and sweet, but never underestimate the amount of firepower she has up her sleeve!

The Grand Chase welcomes Mari the Ether Tech to their ranks. Follow them in their mission to rid the world of evil once and for all!

By the way, the Ether Tech is Mari's first class. In other versions (excluding Thailand and Indonesia), the second & third job classes of Mari were released (Gunslinger and Polaris respectively, names might change in the PH version). These two will be released perhaps next year (maybe after Sieghart's forth job) , while Mari's fourth job class will come out in the Korean servers sometime at the end of the year or in early 2011 (just a speculation, though). 

Anyway, aside from the release of Mari, GC PH players will witness another new event in the form of Gacha Selion. Works the same as the Gacha Ariel event, except that once you open the sealed beads using the Spell Book, there's a chance you'll receive Dark Flame, Dark Inferno & Dark Volcano armor sets, capes & weapons, plus you'll get a new pet once you complete all Gacha bead (Sealed, Ancient Sealed & Epic Sealed) items: Selion, the Master of Flames (as awesome as Ariel, trust me!). 

That's all I have to report for now. Visit the official Grand Chase PH website for more info... ^^

EDIT: Added Indonesia to the not available list... Sorry, my memory's getting so rusty... ><

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